Enki-Logo_RGB_Web_Small_Contained-TRANSI’ve just added another 4000 e-books to the Sonoma County Library catalog –available through enki Library, “the first statewide eBook platform created by libraries for libraries.” We started offering this resource early in 2015, but enki has added many new collections and titles since then — now 54 collections strong and growing… I’ve been involved as a consultant in cataloging and quality control since summer 2015. The base records are created by translating the publisher ONIX metadata into MARC. Since even the fairly sophisticated algorithms used to translate the metadata produces somewhat funky records, one of my main contributions has been creating versions of all collections and record sets with ehancements:

  • Making records RDA compliant
  • Authorized headings for authors (mostly limited to well-known authors such as H. G. Wells, Dickens, Austin, etc.)
  • Correct formatting for all personal names
  • Cleaning up records generated with the publisher as author, e.g., Britannica Online
  • Adding biographee subject headings for biographies
  • Correcting e-ISBNs to prevent overlays when importing into a local system
  • Properly formatted series statements for series created by single authors (to the extent practical)
  • Cleanup of HTML formatting in summaries
  • Adding select subject headings for biographies
  • Adding “cover” image links

We still could improve on the visibility and marketing. Enki includes many great titles, including collections of classics and even IRS tax forms (no check-out limit for either). Good stuff!


Glassy colorful graph with arrow

We compiled some website analytics for the Sonoma Heritage Collections when we applied for a recent grant and saw good trends: analytics for the FY 2014/2015 year showed substantial increases in usage:


Total visitors: 34,270 (last year: 26,354 (prior year: 11,574)

Page views: 288,237 (last year: 170,784 (prior year: 93,753)


Visitors from outside Sonoma County:

California:                   This year                      Prior year

San Francisco:             2,661                           2,168

San Jose:                     525                              718

Los Angeles:               576                              415

Oakland:                     410                              375

Sacramento:                476                              362

San Rafael:                  473                              258

Napa:                           401                              223

San Diego:                  223

Novato:                       219                              160

Fremont:                      207

Berkeley:                     159                              151

Arcata:                        158

Note: showing numbers >150


Visitors from outside California:

Nevada:                       807

Washington:                710                              519

Oregon:                       585                              477

Texas:                          601                              464

New York:                  498                              539

Florida:                        391                              343

Illinois:                        335                              276

Arizona:                      375                              240

Note: we had visitors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


Visitors from outside the USA:

United Kingdom:        283                              97

Canada:                       290                              259

Brazil:                          164

Australia:                     132                              124

France:                        122                              100

India:                           114                              115

Italy:                            105                              86

Germany:                    92                                93

Mexico:                       67

Spain:                          54

Philippines:                  53                                71

Note: we had visitors from 138 countries.