Finding Aids for SCL and County of Sonoma Archival Collections

My colleague Mark Cooper recently completed the updated version of his finding aids site for the Sonoma County Archives (managed by the Sonoma County Library) and SCL special collections as an internship for the San Jose State MLIS program. I worked closely with him to fine-tune the site before we went live at the end of last week, but he deserves all the credit for the hard work of pulling together the finding aids from the raw (and brief) MARC records in our catalog and working with Archon (an archival website tool created by the University of Illinois) to create something incredibly more useful than what we previously had. We were all duly impressed by his first version last year, created for an earlier SJSU internship, but this version goes much further and will allow Tony Hoskins, head of the Sonoma County History & Genealogy Library and Sonoma County Archivist, to create additional finding aids going forward. We have more work to do in transforming the remaining collection-level MARC records into EAD (Encoded Archival Description) for new finding aids, as well as added information for the existing ones.