New Photos, New enki E-Books

With the new year comes new batches of photos on Sonoma Heritage Collections and many new enki Library e-books.

Sonoma Heritage Collections


Lenny Mane’s 1956 Chevrolet in Petaluma, California,1950s (Photo 42177)

Roughly 1750 new photos of subjects ranging from Sonoma County beach erosion caused by a fierce storm in the early 1960s to George P. McNear, Jr. (of the prominent early Petaluma family) sculling on the Petaluma River about 1910. The biggest group of photos is another beach set, this one concerning the construction of a jetty at the mouth of the Russian River below Jenner in 1931 — and its destruction in a another big storm in 1934.

Later this spring, we plan to add another 3000 photos that currently can only be viewed in low resolution in the Library’s catalog.

We are also looking at a new mobile-friendly version that will make exploring our photos and other items much easier if you’re not using a desktop computer.

enki Library e-books

littleredfishbookcoverI’ve just added several new collections of enki Library e-books to the Library’s catalog. These include 54 graphic novels from Rosarium Press — featuring primarily African American authors and artists; 880 Dark Horse graphic novels — from the Chronicles of Conan to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seasons 8-10; a new set of McGraw Hill Education titles; an exciting group of long-form singles from Plympton (for sale on Amazon as Kindle Singles); and the current year IRS guides for popular forms.

The next enki installment in Find will be for 10,000 indie pubs purchased from Smashwords. These are works from popular Amazon authors. I am currently preparing the catalog records, but the ebooks are already available for Sonoma County Library cardholders at


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