The Big Move

Statue of Demeter/Ceres in the round room area...

Image via Wikipedia

I’ve started to load TIFF and other archival files to Demeter, our new image server. With several hundred discs to load, this project will take a while, even if each disc loads fairly quickly. To some extent, I can load in the background while I work on other things, but changing discs interrupts any workflow.

I’m loading the images into a temporary folder since I need to check them over before putting them in the permanent file. I will probably work through the process in batches rather than try to deal with all 30,000 image files at once. The next fun step will be managing the duplicate file numbers/names that have crept into the collection. My preference would be to actually pull and renumber the physical photos, but that may not be practical, depending on the number of duplicate numbers. Once loading  is complete and the duplicate numbers dealt with, I’ll rename the files according to a uniform naming scheme (the file names on disc have a variety of conventions).

Conversion of MARC photo records for CONTENTdm will wait until the photos are all loaded since I need the TIFFs in place to create the JPEG2000 images.