Archival storage

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Now that we’ve chosen our platform for our thousands of digitized photos, we need to settle on a solution for our archival images. Files are on archival-quality (mostly) CD-ROMs and DVDs (okay), but stored onsite (definitely not okay) and without any good way to access individual files except an incomplete paper index in a binder (also not good). Compounding the access problem is the past practice of changing filename conventions over time AND independently naming photos at different branches of our library, though within the same accession number schemes, which resulted in many duplicate filenames. We typically rescan the photos if patrons make requests for copies rather than try to locate the correct disc and file.

I want to move copies of the files to a server and store the discs offsite, though the problem of syncing filenames to the converted records sent to CONTENTdm is a thorny one. Other than the sync problem, our needs are fairly simple:

  • Always accessible by staff in various locations
  • Safe, remote backups
  • Compatible with workflow using CONTENTdm
So far, we’re looking at remote storage services as well as using a local server. Once I have costs for each solution, we will look at our budget for the next 3 years and be able to make a decision.