Updates — Sonoma County Authors and Guide to the Archives

Small updates to a couple of resources…

Sonoma County Authors (Community)

A number of links and features of our SC Authors site were no longer working due to changes in the Library’s catalog query structure. Author and significant title queries now search correctly. In addition, the Open Library table of ebooks hasn’t worked correctly for some time and has for now been replaced by a working query under the ebook listings. Finally, authors can now be searched in WorldCat Identities.

We are also in the process of adding links to the Local Author site in the Library’s catalog to records for books by some of our more prolific authors who tended to have the links on a handful of records.

Finally, the events link now goes to the Literary Update calendar page. The link used to go to a page displaying a Google Calendar, but since no one was actively maintaining it, the page simply showed a blank calendar.

Guide to the Archives

A small — but significant change — and one long overdue on the Archives site: The guide subtitles now reads “Sonoma County Library Archives & Archival Collections” to reflect the change in name from “Sonoma County Archives” to “Sonoma County Library Archives.”

This change is now also reflected on the Library’s website in various pages and menus.



Many Digital Project Visits in 2012

The subject catalogue of the University Librar...

The subject catalogue of the University Library of Graz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re currently planning a revamp of  the Sonoma Co. Library website to create a new “Digital Branch”.  In the process, I’ve had the opportunity to look at the numbers of hits for the various pieces of our website, including the digital projects. I’m pleased to see that the Heritage Collections as a whole got a whopping 111,267 hits over the past year — and if adjusted for the fact that we’ve had it live only since late May 2012 — surpassing any other single group. The closest competitor was the library catalog at 121,127 since the beginning of April 2012 (the library home page was the winner, of course, with 1,139,376 views).  Unique visitors to the Heritage Collection(according to Google Analytics)  is a bit lower, with a little over 13,000.

  • The Local History & Genealogy blog got 5,609 (again, this represents only the portion of the past year that it’s been live)
  • Guide to the Archives had 4,826
  • No statistics yet on the Community project, unfortunately

Not too bad considering the minimal publicity each of these has had. We’re looking doing better on that score with the Digital Branch project.