New enki Library Collections — Firebrand, BibLab and More

flashlogoswapMore enki  Library ebook titles! I’ve just added an additional 1584 titles from four different ebook publishers to the Sonoma County Library’s catalog, including reference titles from Sage, Dover titles and others from Firebrand, fiction from BiblioLabs, and more fiction from Booktrope. Despite the recent news that the hybrid Seattle-based publisher Booktrope is going out of business, these and other Booktrope titles will continue to be available through enki Library.

Geek alert! You might want to just go browse the enki titles at this point….

On the back end of the enki project, I have done a lot of work to improve the enki records and some recent developments in the MarcEdit program will make that easier in the future. If you’re not a cataloger who works with MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging) records, that might not mean a lot, but for those of us who do, this software — developed and maintained by Terry Reese, currently with Ohio State University — is an essential tool. MarcEdit enables us to do all kinds of things with the records that make up our library catalogs. One of Terry’s recent changes is a way to do multiple find and replace operations using external files — one text file of things to look for and one text file of replacements for each of them. This means that I can now marceditconcoct a pair of files to process in a couple of minutes what previously took much, much longer and required much experience with Regular Expressions (a way of matching strings of characters and patterns). I’m particularly excited because I could do the same work in far less time, but I could now (theoretically) even hand off some of the work to one of my staff members who is less technically inclined.


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