The Disappearing Street View

no_streetviewVisitors to the Sonoma Heritage Collections may notice something different — the Google Street/Map View is missing from the record displays. Some time ago, I started to find discrepancies between what was displayed within CONTENTdm and the view in Google Maps using the identical coordinates, but at the time, the difference was a matter of about 100 yards or so. With the newest collection of images, the difference is closer to 70 miles to the southeast. At the moment, I don’t have the time to investigate exactly what the problem is — mostly likely I need to use a newer version of the API — so for the time being, the maps and StreetViews will go missing.

If I can bring back the StreetViews in the near future, I will, and display it differently in the record. The old display automatically opened directly below the photo, which was great for making then and now comparisons, but also tended to get in the way of efficient scrolling down the record (scrolling zooms in Google Maps/StreetView). The new incarnation will be closed by default and users will be able to choose whether to view it or not.


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