New Collection of Wine-Related Images and a New Look

Grady Wann, winemaker at Quivira Vineyards

Grady Wann, winemaker at Quivira Vineyards

This month, the Wine Photography Collection debuts in the Heritage Collections. This new collection overlaps with the Sonoma County Visionaries collection, but with a narrower focus on wine-related images from Sonoma County and beyond. From the collection home page:

The Wine Photography Collection presents images portraying wine makers and companies of Sonoma County, past and present. The collection draws primarily from the Sonoma County Wine Library’s collections, with additional images from the Sonoma County Local History & Genealogy Library. See the collection About page for more information.

Many of the images were previously in the Visionaries collection, but I’ve reworked that collection so it exactly mirrors the version created for Califa in 2010/2011.

The Heritage Collections home page now has a new look as well, with a featured collection, a cleaner suggested topics section, the full list of collections and a number of other, smaller changes. I plan to rotate the featured collection  in the future, but haven’t yet created the script and additional collection pages.


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