Speaking of Wine



Dante Bagnani

We’re debuting a new collection in the Heritage Collections this week — Speaking of Wine. The collection includes both transcripts and some original audio from oral history interviews of Sonoma County vintners and others connected with the history of wine making in the County. The transcripts I’ve included so far are nearly all part of the Wine Library Associates of Sonoma County Oral History Series. Those for which we own the original audio tape include download links (the audio will be available in streaming format in the near future after I upload it to Internet Archive). Check out interviews with the Sebastiani family, Dante Bagnani (Geyser Peak Winery),  Rodney Strong (Rodney Strong Vineyards) and more.

I’ve also loaded 75 new titles in the Biblioteca Vinaria Sonoma, ranging from French wine guides to British government proclamations from the time Oliver Cromwell.

Finally, both of these collections now have collection guides in the Archives and Archival Collections site. Look for them under the Recently uploaded digital content on the home page.



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